What is Nationality ? National Law , Nationality Vs Citizenship , International Law , List Of Nationality , Dual Nationality


What Is Nation ? 

Answer : The word nation is comes from the Latin word " Nasci " which means " to be born "  

'Andrew Heywood' British Author Says About Nation that , 

Nation is a complex phenomenon that is shaped by a collection of Cultural , Political and Psychological factors . 

  • Culturally :- A nation is a group of people who bound together by a common language , common traditions , religion and common history , culturally a nation's people are almost homogeneous .
  • Politically :- A nation is a group of people who regard themselves as a natural political community and desires to establish or maintain sovereignty .
  • Psychologically :- A nation is a group of people who share their loyalty or affection in the form of patriotism which distinguish them from others .

What is Nationality ?

Answer : Nationality is a legal unification of a person in international law .

Membership of particular nation or state , by origin , birth, naturalization , ownership , allegiance or otherwise . National , i.e. ethnic and / or cultural , character  . A people sharing a common origin , culture and/or language , and possibly constituting a nation-state . 

Synonyms Of Nationality : Affiliation , Allegiance , Ancestry , Citizenship , Descent , Enfranchisement , Ethnicity , National , Status , Naturalization , Origin , Parentage , Race , Residence , Identity , Faith , Liberty , Etc.

What is The Definition National Law ?

Answer National law, which is usually mentioned as domestic law, are those laws that exist “within” a specific nation (State). National laws also are recognized because the expression of the State itself, since it emanates from the agency , which might be the law making institution, like the us Congress or the French Parliament. In some States, called States with a standard law tradition, laws could also come from decisions made by judges, which is additionally called case law. Other States, called States with a civil law tradition, don't recognize judge made law, but only laws enacted by the legislature.

What is The Example of National Law ? 

Answer : The definition of law of nations centers on the word “inter,” which suggests “between,” as against “intra,” which suggests “within.” So, literally, “international law” is defined as “law between nations . during a treaty, or customs that's recognized by all nations. consistent with Article 38 of the Statute of the International Court of Justice, sources of law of nations , so as of precedence, are: (a) international conventions (treaties); (b) international custom, as evidence of a general practice accepted as law; (c) the overall principles of law recognized by civilized nations; and (d) judgment and therefore the teachings of the foremost highly qualified publicists of the varied nations.

Nationality Vs Citizenship :

  • Citizenship may be a status during a political institution like a city or a state. the connection between a citizen and therefore the institution that confers this status is formal, and in contemporary liberal-democratic models includes both a group of rights that the citizen possesses by virtue of this relationship, and a group of obligations or duties that they owe thereto institution and their fellow citizens reciprocally .
  • Nationality, on the opposite hand, denotes where a private has been born, or holds citizenship with a state. Nationality is obtained through inheritance from his/her parents, which is named a phenomenon . On the opposite hand, a private becomes a naturalized citizen of a state only s/he is accepted into that's nations framework, then legally his/her nationality has changed by law of nations . Article 15 under Universal Declaration of Human Rights states "Everyone has the proper to a nationality". "No one shall be arbitrarily bereft of his nationality nor denied the proper to vary his nationality".

    Essentially, a private is in a position to vary his/her nationality through nationalization, citizenship by descent or inheritance of nationality from parents. An example of nationality is Italian to an individual with Italian roots born within the us .

Nationality vs Ethnicity :

It is easy to confuse nationality and ethnicity, but there's a serious difference between them.

Nationality (noun) is that the relationship between an individual and therefore the political state to which he belongs or is affiliated.

Ethnicity (noun) is that the identification of an individual with a specific racial, cultural, or religious group.

Here are a couple of examples :

1. In India, the total population of 1.2 billion, is a mix of people belonging to various ethnic groups, such as Bengali, Punjabi, Marathi, Rajasthani, Assamese, Bihari, and so on.

2. Indian, American, British, Canadian, South African, Mexican, etc.
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What Is Dual Nationality ?

Have you ever wanted to be in two places at an equivalent time? Well, which may be impossible, but what if I told you that you simply might be a citizen of two countries at an equivalent time? Dual nationality means an individual may be a national of two countries at an equivalent time. A national is defined as “a person owing permanent allegiance to a state.” Nationals don’t have an equivalent rights as citizens, but they're under the protection of that country. So all US citizens are nationals, but not all nationals are americans .

Americans can hold dual citizenship, meaning that they enjoy rights within the us and in another country. But people didn't always accept this status. Culturally, people opposed that dual nationality because they  thought dual citizenship should weaken the state , This decreased after war II and landmark Supreme lawsuits like Afroyim v. Rusk.

List Of Nationality :





AfghanistanAfghanan AfghanDari (Persian) - Pashto
AlbaniaAlbanianan AlbanianAlbanian
AlgeriaAlgerianan AlgerianArabic
an Argentine
an Argentinian
AustraliaAustralianan AustralianEnglish
AustriaAustrianan AustrianGerman
BangladeshBangladeshia BangladeshiBengali
BelgiumBelgiana BelgianFrench / Flemish
BoliviaBoliviana BolivianSpanish
BotswanaBatswanaa BotswananEnglish, Setswana
BrazilBraziliana BrazilianPortuguese
BulgariaBulgariana BulgarianBulgarian
CambodiaCambodiana CambodianCambodian
CameroonCamerooniana CameroonianFrench / English
CanadaCanadiana CanadianEnglish / French
ChileChileana ChileanSpanish
ChinaChinesea Chinese personChinese
Colombia *Colombiana ColombianSpanish
Costa RicaCosta Ricana Costa RicanSpanish
CroatiaCroatiana CroatCroatian
CubaCubana CubanSpanish
Czech RepublicCzecha Czech personCzech
DenmarkDanisha DaneDanish
Dominican RepublicDominicana DominicanSpanish
EcuadorEcuadorianan EcuadorianSpanish
EgyptEgyptianan EgyptianArabic
El SalvadorSalvadoriana SalvadoranSpanish
EnglandEnglishan Englishman
an Englishwoman
EstoniaEstonianan EstonianEstonian
EthiopiaEthiopianan EthiopianAmharic
FijiFijiana FijianEnglish, Fijian
FinlandFinnisha FinnFinnish
FranceFrencha Frenchman
a Frenchwoman
GermanyGermana GermanGerman
GhanaGhanaiana GhanaianEnglish
GreeceGreeka GreekGreek
GuatemalaGuatemalana GuatemalanSpanish
HaitiHaitiana HaitianFrench / Creole
HondurasHondurana HonduranSpanish
HungaryHungariana HungarianHungarian
IcelandIcelandican IcelanderIcelandic
IndiaIndianan IndianHindi / English
IndonesiaIndonesianan IndonesianIndonesian
IranIranianan IranianPersian
IraqIraqian IraqiArabic, Kurdish
IrelandIrishan Irishman
an Irishwoman
Irish / English
IsraelIsraelian IsraeliHebrew
ItalyItalianan ItalianItalian
JamaicaJamaicana JamaicanEnglish
JapanJapanesea Japanese personJapanese
JordanJordaniana JordanianArabic
KenyaKenyana KenyanSwahili
KuwaitKuwaitia KuwaitiArabiv
LaosLaoa LaotainLaotian
LatviaLatviana LatvianLatvian
LebanonLebanesea LebaneseArabic
LibyaLibyana LibyanArabic
LithuaniaLithuaniana LithuanianLithuanian
MadagascarMalagasya MalagasyMalagasy / French
MalaysiaMalaysiana MalaysianMalay / Malaysian
MaliMaliana MalianFrench
MaltaMaltesea MalteseEnglish, Maltese
MexicoMexicana MexicanSpanish
MongoliaMongoliana MongolianMongolian
MoroccoMoroccana MoroccanArabic / French
MozambiqueMozambicana MozambicanPortuguese
NamibiaNamibiana NambianEnglish
NepalNepalesea NepaleseNepali, English
NetherlandsDutcha Dutchman
a Dutchwoman
New ZealandNew Zealanda New ZealanderEnglish / Maori
NicaraguaNicaraguana NicaraguanSpanish
NigeriaNigeriana NigerianEnglish
NorwayNorwegiana NorwegianNorwegian
PakistanPakistania PakistaniUrdu, English
PanamaPanamaniana PanamanianSpanish
ParaguayParaguayana ParaguayanSpanish
PeruPeruviana PeruvianSpanish
PhilippinesPhilippinea FilipinoTagalog / Filipino
PolandPolisha PolePolish
PortugalPortuguesea Portuguese personPortuguese
RomaniaRomaniana RomanianRomanian
RussiaRussiana RussianRussian
Saudi ArabiaSaudia Saudi (Arabian)Arabic
ScotlandScottisha ScotEnglish
SenegalSenegalesea Senegalese personFrench
SerbiaSerbiana SerbianSerbian
SingaporeSingaporeana SingaporeanEnglish, Malay, Mandarin, Tamil
SlovakiaSlovaka SlovakSlovak
South AfricaSouth Africana South AfricanAfrikaans, English, + 9 more
South KoreaKoreana KoreanKorean
SpainSpanisha SpaniardSpanish
Sri LankaSri Lankana Sri LankanSinhala, Tamil
SudanSudanesea Sudanese personArabic, English
SwedenSwedisha SwedeSwedish
SwitzerlandSwissa Swiss personGerman, French, Italian, Romansh
SyriaSyriana SyrianArabic
TaiwanTaiwanesea Taiwanese personChinese
TajikistanTajikistania TajikistaniTajik (Persian)
ThailandThaia Thai personThai
TongaTongana TonganEnglish, Tongan
TunisiaTunisiana TunisianArabic
TurkeyTurkisha TurkTurkish
UkraineUkrainiana UkranianUkrainian
United Arab EmiratesEmiratian EmiratiArabic
(The) United KingdomBritisha BritEnglish
(The) United StatesAmerican **an AmericanEnglish
UruguayUruguayana UruguayanSpanish
VenezuelaVenezuelana VenezuelanSpanish
VietnamVietnamesea Vietnamese personVietnamese
WalesWelsha Welshman
a Welshwoman
Welsh / English
ZambiaZambiana ZambianEnglish
ZimbabweZimbabweana Zimbabwean16 languages

List Of all Country In The World :
  1. Afghanistan
  2. Albania
  3. Algeria
  4. Andorra
  5. Angola
  6. Antigua and Barbuda
  7. Argentina
  8. Armenia
  9. Australia
  10. Austria
  11. Austrian Empire
  12. Azerbaijan
  13. Baden*
  14. Bahamas, The
  15. Bahrain
  16. Bangladesh
  17. Barbados
  18. Bavaria*
  19. Belarus
  20. Belgium
  21. Belize
  22. Benin (Dahomey)
  23. Bolivia
  24. Bosnia and Herzegovina
  25. Botswana
  26. Brazil
  27. Brunei
  28. Brunswick and Lüneburg
  29. Bulgaria
  30. Burkina Faso (Upper Volta)
  31. Burma
  32. Burundi
  33. Cabo Verde
  34. Cambodia
  35. Cameroon
  36. Canada
  37. Cayman Islands, The
  38. Central African Republic
  39. Central American Federation*
  40. Chad
  41. Chile
  42. China
  43. Colombia
  44. Comoros
  45. Congo Free State, The
  46. Costa Rica
  47. Cote d’Ivoire (Ivory Coast)
  48. Croatia
  49. Cuba
  50. Cyprus
  51. Czechia
  52. Czechoslovakia
  53. Democratic Republic of the Congo
  54. Denmark
  55. Djibouti
  56. Dominica
  57. Dominican Republic
  58. Duchy of Parma, The*
  59. East Germany (German Democratic Republic)
  60. Ecuador
  61. Egypt
  62. El Salvador
  63. Equatorial Guinea
  64. Eritrea
  65. Estonia
  66. Eswatini
  67. Ethiopia
  68. Federal Government of Germany (1848-49)*
  69. Fiji
  70. Finland
  71. France
  72. Gabon
  73. Gambia, The
  74. Georgia
  75. Germany
  76. Ghana
  77. Grand Duchy of Tuscany, The*
  78. Greece
  79. Grenada
  80. Guatemala
  81. Guinea
  82. Guinea-Bissau
  83. Guyana
  84. Haiti
  85. Hanover*
  86. Hanseatic Republics*
  87. Hawaii*
  88. Hesse*
  89. Holy See
  90. Honduras
  91. Hungary
  92. Iceland
  93. India
  94. Indonesia
  95. Iran
  96. Iraq
  97. Ireland
  98. Israel
  99. Italy
  100. Jamaica
  101. Japan
  102. Jordan
  103. Kazakhstan
  104. Kenya
  105. Kingdom of Serbia/Yugoslavia*
  106. Kiribati
  107. Korea
  108. Kosovo
  109. Kuwait
  110. Kyrgyzstan
  111. Laos
  112. Latvia
  113. Lebanon
  114. Lesotho
  115. Lew Chew (Loochoo)*
  116. Liberia
  117. Libya
  118. Liechtenstein
  119. Lithuania
  120. Luxembourg
  121. Madagascar
  122. Malawi
  123. Malaysia
  124. Maldives
  125. Mali
  126. Malta
  127. Marshall Islands
  128. Mauritania
  129. Mauritius
  130. Mecklenburg-Schwerin*
  131. Mecklenburg-Strelitz*
  132. Mexico
  133. Micronesia
  134. Moldova
  135. Monaco
  136. Mongolia
  137. Montenegro
  138. Morocco
  139. Mozambique
  140. Namibia
  141. Nassau*
  142. Nauru
  143. Nepal
  144. Netherlands, The
  145. New Zealand
  146. Nicaragua
  147. Niger
  148. Nigeria
  149. North German Confederation*
  150. North German Union*
  151. North Macedonia
  152. Norway
  153. Oldenburg*
  154. Oman
  155. Orange Free State*
  156. Pakistan
  157. Palau
  158. Panama
  159. Papal States*
  160. Papua New Guinea
  161. Paraguay
  162. Peru
  163. Philippines
  164. Piedmont-Sardinia*
  165. Poland
  166. Portugal
  167. Qatar
  168. Republic of Genoa*
  169. Republic of Korea (South Korea)
  170. Republic of the Congo
  171. Romania
  172. Russia
  173. Rwanda
  174. Saint Kitts and Nevis
  175. Saint Lucia
  176. Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
  177. Samoa
  178. San Marino
  179. Sao Tome and Principe
  180. Saudi Arabia
  181. Schaumburg-Lippe*
  182. Senegal
  183. Serbia
  184. Seychelles
  185. Sierra Leone
  186. Singapore
  187. Slovakia
  188. Slovenia
  189. Solomon Islands, The
  190. Somalia
  191. South Africa
  192. South Sudan
  193. Spain
  194. Sri Lanka
  195. Sudan
  196. Suriname
  197. Sweden
  198. Switzerland
  199. Syria
  200. Tajikistan
  201. Tanzania
  202. Texas*
  203. Thailand
  204. Timor-Leste
  205. Togo
  206. Tonga
  207. Trinidad and Tobago
  208. Tunisia
  209. Turkey
  210. Turkmenistan
  211. Tuvalu
  212. Two Sicilies*
  213. Uganda
  214. Ukraine
  215. Union of Soviet Socialist Republics*
  216. United Arab Emirates, The
  217. United Kingdom, The
  218. Uruguay
  219. Uzbekistan
  220. Vanuatu
  221. Venezuela
  222. Vietnam
  223. Württemberg*
  224. Yemen
  225. Zambia
  226. Zimbabwe

List Of All Currency of The World : 

State or territory[1]Currency[1][2]Symbol[D] or
ISO code[2]Fractional
to basic
 AbkhaziaAbkhazian apsar[E](none)(none)(none)(none)
 AbkhaziaRussian rubleRUBKopek100
 AfghanistanAfghan afghani؋AFNPul100
 Akrotiri and DhekeliaEuroEURCent100
 AlbaniaAlbanian lekLALLQindarkë100
 AlderneyAlderney pound[E]£(none)Penny100
 AlderneyBritish pound[F]£GBPPenny100
 AlderneyGuernsey pound£GGP[G]Penny100
 AlgeriaAlgerian dinarد.جDZDSanteem100
 AngolaAngolan kwanzaKzAOACêntimo100
 AnguillaEastern Caribbean dollar$XCDCent100
 Antigua and BarbudaEastern Caribbean dollar$XCDCent100
 ArgentinaArgentine peso$ARSCentavo100
 ArmeniaArmenian dram֏AMDLuma100
 ArtsakhArtsakh dram[E]դր.(none)Luma100
 ArtsakhArmenian dram֏AMDLuma100
 ArubaAruban florinƒAWGCent100
United Kingdom Ascension IslandSaint Helena pound£SHPPenny100
 AustraliaAustralian dollar$AUDCent100
 AzerbaijanAzerbaijani manatAZNQəpik100
 Bahamas, TheBahamian dollar$BSDCent100
 BahrainBahraini dinar.د.بBHDFils1000
 BangladeshBangladeshi takaBDTPoisha100
 BarbadosBarbadian dollar$BBDCent100
 BelarusBelarusian rubleBrBYNKapyeyka100
 BelizeBelize dollar$BZDCent100
 BeninWest African CFA francFrXOFCentime100
 BermudaBermudian dollar$BMDCent100
 BhutanBhutanese ngultrumNu.BTNChetrum100
 BhutanIndian rupeeINRPaisa100
 BoliviaBolivian bolivianoBs.BOBCentavo100
 BonaireUnited States dollar[H]$USDCent100
 Bosnia and HerzegovinaBosnia and Herzegovina convertible markKM or КМ[I]BAMFening100
 BotswanaBotswana pulaPBWPThebe100
 BrazilBrazilian realR$BRLCentavo100
 British Indian Ocean TerritoryUnited States dollar$USDCent100
 British Virgin IslandsUnited States dollar$USDCent100
 BruneiBrunei dollar$BNDSen100
 BruneiSingapore dollar$SGDCent100
 BulgariaBulgarian levлв.BGNStotinka100
 Burkina FasoWest African CFA francFrXOFCentime100
 BurundiBurundian francFrBIFCentime100
 CambodiaCambodian rielKHRSen100
 CameroonCentral African CFA francFrXAFCentime100
 CanadaCanadian dollar$CADCent100
 Cape VerdeCape Verdean escudoEsc or $CVECentavo100
 Cayman IslandsCayman Islands dollar$KYDCent100
 Central African RepublicCentral African CFA francFrXAFCentime100
 ChadCentral African CFA francFrXAFCentime100
 ChileChilean peso$CLPCentavo100
 ChinaChinese yuan¥ or 元CNYJiao[J]10
 ColombiaColombian peso$COPCentavo100
 ComorosComorian francFrKMFCentime100
 Congo, Democratic Republic of theCongolese francFrCDFCentime100
 Congo, Republic of theCentral African CFA francFrXAFCentime100
 Cook IslandsCook Islands dollar$CKD[G]Cent100
 Cook IslandsNew Zealand dollar$NZDCent100
 Costa RicaCosta Rican colónCRCCéntimo100
 Côte d'IvoireWest African CFA francFrXOFCentime100
 CroatiaCroatian kunaknHRKLipa100
 CubaCuban peso$CUPCentavo100
 CubaCuban convertible peso$CUCCentavo100
 CuraçaoNetherlands Antillean guilderƒANGCent100
 Czech RepublicCzech korunaCZKHaléř100
 DenmarkDanish kronekrDKKØre100
 DjiboutiDjiboutian francFrDJFCentime100
 DominicaEastern Caribbean dollar$XCDCent100
 Dominican RepublicDominican peso$DOPCentavo100
 East TimorUnited States dollar$USDCent100
 East Timor(none)(none)(none)Centavo[K][L](none)
 EcuadorUnited States dollar$USDCent100
 EgyptEgyptian pound£ or ج.مEGPPiastre[B]100
 El SalvadorUnited States dollar$USDCent100
 Equatorial GuineaCentral African CFA francFrXAFCentime100
 EritreaEritrean nakfaNfkERNCent100
 EswatiniSwazi lilangeniLSZLCent100
 EswatiniSouth African randRZARCent100
 EthiopiaEthiopian birrBrETBSantim100
 Falkland IslandsFalkland Islands pound£FKPPenny100
 Faroe IslandsDanish kronekrDKKØre100
 Faroe IslandsFaroese krónakrFOK[G]Oyra100
 FijiFijian dollar$FJDCent100
 French PolynesiaCFP francXPFCentime100
 GabonCentral African CFA francFrXAFCentime100
 Gambia, TheGambian dalasiDGMDButut100
 GeorgiaGeorgian lariGELTetri100
 GhanaGhanaian cediGHSPesewa100
 GibraltarGibraltar pound£GIPPenny100
 GrenadaEastern Caribbean dollar$XCDCent100
 GuatemalaGuatemalan quetzalQGTQCentavo100
 GuernseyGuernsey pound£GGP[G]Penny100
 GuernseyBritish pound[F]£GBPPenny100
 GuineaGuinean francFrGNFCentime100
 Guinea-BissauWest African CFA francFrXOFCentime100
 GuyanaGuyanese dollar$GYDCent100
 HaitiHaitian gourdeGHTGCentime100
 HondurasHonduran lempiraLHNLCentavo100
 Hong KongHong Kong dollar$HKDCent100
 HungaryHungarian forintFtHUFFillér100
 IcelandIcelandic krónakrISKEyrir100
 IndiaIndian rupeeINRPaisa100
 IndonesiaIndonesian rupiahRpIDRSen100
 IranIranian rialIRRRial100
 IraqIraqi dinarع.دIQDFils1000
 Isle of ManManx pound£IMP[G]Penny100
 Isle of ManBritish pound[F]£GBPPenny100
 IsraelIsraeli new shekelILSAgora100
 JamaicaJamaican dollar$JMDCent100
 JapanJapanese yen¥ or 円JPYSen[C]100
 JerseyJersey pound£JEP[G]Penny100
 JerseyBritish pound[F]£GBPPenny100
 JordanJordanian dinarد.اJODPiastre[M]100
 KazakhstanKazakhstani tengeKZTTıyn100
 KenyaKenyan shillingShKESCent100
 KiribatiKiribati dollar[E]$KID[G]Cent100
 KiribatiAustralian dollar$AUDCent100
 Korea, NorthNorth Korean wonKPWChon100
 Korea, SouthSouth Korean wonKRWJeon100
 KuwaitKuwaiti dinarد.كKWDFils1000
 KyrgyzstanKyrgyzstani somсKGSTyiyn100
 LaosLao kipLAKAtt100
 LebanonLebanese poundل.لLBPPiastre100
 LesothoLesotho lotiLLSLSente100
 LesothoSouth African randRZARCent100
 LiberiaLiberian dollar$LRDCent100
 LibyaLibyan dinarل.دLYDDirham1000
 LiechtensteinSwiss francFr.CHFRappen100
 MacauMacanese patacaPMOPAvo100
 MacauHong Kong dollar$HKDCent100
 MadagascarMalagasy ariaryArMGAIraimbilanja5
 MalawiMalawian kwachaMKMWKTambala100
 MalaysiaMalaysian ringgitRMMYRSen100
 MaldivesMaldivian rufiyaaMVRLaari100
 MaliWest African CFA francFrXOFCentime100
 Marshall IslandsUnited States dollar$USDCent100
 MauritaniaMauritanian ouguiyaUMMRUKhoums5
 MauritiusMauritian rupeeMURCent100
 MexicoMexican peso$MXNCentavo100
 MicronesiaUnited States dollar$USDCent100
 MoldovaMoldovan leuLMDLBan100
 MongoliaMongolian tögrögMNTMöngö100
 MontserratEastern Caribbean dollar$XCDCent100
 MoroccoMoroccan dirhamد.م.MADCentime100
 MozambiqueMozambican meticalMTMZNCentavo100
 MyanmarBurmese kyatKsMMKPya100
 NamibiaNamibian dollar$NADCent100
 NamibiaSouth African randRZARCent100
 NauruAustralian dollar$AUDCent100
   NepalNepalese rupeeरूNPRPaisa100
 New CaledoniaCFP francXPFCentime100
 New ZealandNew Zealand dollar$NZDCent100
 NicaraguaNicaraguan córdobaC$NIOCentavo100
 NigerWest African CFA francFrXOFCentime100
 NigeriaNigerian nairaNGNKobo100
 NiueNew Zealand dollar$NZDCent100
 NiueNiue dollar[E]$(none)Cent100
 North MacedoniaMacedonian denarденMKDDeni100
 Northern CyprusTurkish liraTRYKuruş100
 NorwayNorwegian kronekrNOKØre100
 OmanOmani rialر.ع.OMRBaisa1000
 PakistanPakistani rupeePKRPaisa100
 PalauUnited States dollar$USDCent100
 PalestineIsraeli new shekelILSAgora100
 PalestineJordanian dinarد.اJODPiastre[M]100
 PanamaPanamanian balboaB/.PABCentésimo100
 PanamaUnited States dollar$USDCent100
 Papua New GuineaPapua New Guinean kinaKPGKToea100
 ParaguayParaguayan guaraníPYGCéntimo100
 PeruPeruvian solS/.PENCéntimo100
 PhilippinesPhilippine pesoPHPSentimo100
 Pitcairn IslandsNew Zealand dollar$NZDCent100
 Pitcairn IslandsPitcairn Islands dollar[E]$PND[G]Cent100
 PolandPolish złotyPLNGrosz100
 QatarQatari riyalر.قQARDirham100
 RomaniaRomanian leuleiRONBan100
 RussiaRussian rubleRUBKopek100
 RwandaRwandan francFrRWFCentime100
 SabaUnited States dollar[H]$USDCent100
 Sahrawi Republic[N]Algerian dinarد.جDZDSanteem100
 Sahrawi Republic[N]Mauritanian ouguiyaUMMRUKhoums5
 Sahrawi Republic[N]Moroccan dirhamد. م.MADCentime100
 Sahrawi Republic[N]Sahrawi peseta₧ or Ptas(none)Centime100
 Saint HelenaSaint Helena pound£SHPPenny100
 Saint Kitts and NevisEastern Caribbean dollar$XCDCent100
 Saint LuciaEastern Caribbean dollar$XCDCent100
 Saint Vincent and the GrenadinesEastern Caribbean dollar$XCDCent100
 SamoaSamoan tālāTWSTSene100
 San MarinoEuroEURCent100
 São Tomé and PríncipeSão Tomé and Príncipe dobraDbSTNCêntimo100
 Saudi ArabiaSaudi riyal﷼‎SARHalala100
 SenegalWest African CFA francFrXOFCentime100
 SerbiaSerbian dinarдин. or din.RSDPara100
 SeychellesSeychellois rupeeSCRCent100
 Sierra LeoneSierra Leonean leoneLeSLLCent100
 SingaporeSingapore dollar$SGDCent100
 SingaporeBrunei dollar$BNDSen100
 Sint EustatiusUnited States dollar[H]$USDCent100
 Sint MaartenNetherlands Antillean guilderƒANGCent100
 Solomon IslandsSolomon Islands dollar$SBDCent100
 SomaliaSomali shillingShSOSCent100
 SomalilandSomaliland shillingSlSLS[G]Cent100
 South AfricaSouth African randRZARCent100
 South OssetiaRussian rubleRUBKopek100
 South SudanSouth Sudanese pound£SSPPiaster100
 Sri LankaSri Lankan rupeeRs, රු or ரூLKRCent100
 SudanSudanese poundج.س.SDGPiastre100
 SurinameSurinamese dollar$SRDCent100
 SwedenSwedish kronakrSEKÖre100
  SwitzerlandSwiss francFr.CHFCentime[O]100
 SyriaSyrian pound£ or ل.سSYPPiastre100
 TaiwanNew Taiwan dollar$TWDCent100
 TajikistanTajikistani somoniЅМTJSDiram100
 TanzaniaTanzanian shillingShTZSCent100
 ThailandThai baht฿THBSatang100
 TogoWest African CFA francFrXOFCentime100
 TongaTongan paʻanga[P]T$TOPSeniti100
 TransnistriaTransnistrian rubleр.PRB[G]Kopek100
 Trinidad and TobagoTrinidad and Tobago dollar$TTDCent100
 TunisiaTunisian dinarد.تTNDMillime1000
 TurkeyTurkish liraTRYKuruş100
 TurkmenistanTurkmenistan manatmTMTTennesi100
 Turks and Caicos IslandsUnited States dollar$USDCent100
 TuvaluTuvaluan dollar$TVD[G]Cent100
 TuvaluAustralian dollar$AUDCent100
 UgandaUgandan shillingShUGXCent100
 UkraineUkrainian hryvniaUAHKopiyka100
 UkraineRussian ruble[Q][5]RUBKopek100
 United Arab EmiratesUnited Arab Emirates dirhamد.إAEDFils100
 United KingdomBritish pound[F]£GBPPenny100
 United StatesUnited States dollar$USDCent[A]100
 UruguayUruguayan peso$UYUCentésimo100
 UzbekistanUzbekistani soʻmso'm or сўмUZSTiyin100
 VanuatuVanuatu vatuVtVUV(none)(none)
  Vatican CityEuroEURCent100
 VenezuelaVenezuelan bolívar soberanoBs.S. or Bs.VESCéntimo100
 VietnamVietnamese đồngVNDHào[R]10
 Wallis and FutunaCFP francXPFCentime100
 YemenYemeni rialر.يYERFils100
 ZambiaZambian kwachaZKZMWNgwee100
 ZimbabweRTGS dollar[6](none)(none)(none)(none)